Martin Ivan Mikulik

Recording, Mixing and Sound Design

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  • Martin Ivan Mikulik
  • Chicago, Illinois, USA
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • +1 202 903 8213


  • Lecturer in Music2016 - Present

    Lake Forest College

    MUSC-255: Introduction to Electronic Music

  • Adjunct Instructor2015 - 2016

    American University

    ATEC-102: Audio Technology Laboratory

  • Teaching Assistant2015 - 2016

    American University

    ATEC-311: Sound Studio Techniques I

  • Freelancer2011 - Present


    My speciality is mixing for music and films.

  • Director2007 - Present

    Hasta los Días Records

    Hasta los Días Records is an independent music label specialized in emergent Argentinian Folk-Rock music.

  • Member2012 - Present

    La Pandilla del Verano

    La Pandilla del Verano is an eclectic artistic group primarily dedicated to music. We have released a record with incidental music for a film, and are about to release our first music album.

  • Member2006 - 2014


    Trebian is an up and coming Folk-Rock band I co-founded. It has to this day released two records.

  • Manager2001 - 2014

    Mikulik S.A.

    Mikulik S.A. is an EVA and Rubber manufacturer with an ample variety of products, ranging from shoe soles and yoga mats, to car components. My work consisted in handling the day to day operations of the company: dealing with customers, suppliers and personnel, and making sure everything ran smoothly.


Programs I Use

  • Pro Tools

  • Reaper

  • Unreal Engine

  • Logic

  • Isotope RX

  • Ableton Live

Programming Skills

  • C / C++

  • Python

  • Matlab

  • Pure Data

Instruments I play

  • Guitar - Ukulele

  • Piano - Synthezisers

  • Voice (Baritone)

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Music Samples
  • Una Magia by La Pandilla del Verano

    Recording / Mixing

  • Pretextos by La Pandilla del Verano

    Songwriter / Musician / Recording / Mixing

  • La Siesta de las Bestias by Trebian

    Songwriter / Musician / Recording

    Download Recording Rationale as PDF format

  • Un film de la Pandilla del Verano by La Pandilla del Verano

    Producer / Recording / Mixing

    Download Recording Rationale as PDF format

Contact info

  • Address: Washington DC, USA / Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 202 903 8213
  • Web:

  • Hasta los Dias Records

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